Helpful Tips for Taking Care of Your Lawn

You will know that the lawn is healthy when you see lush green, smooth carpet, perfect for croquet and cartwheels. So, why does not your own lawn look like that? According to professional landscapers, in order to get that gorgeous lawn you have always wanted, you might have to set your mindset. The basics are pretty simple when it comes to maintaining your lawn – fertilizer, sun and water. Once your lawn always has these elements, you will be able to achieve a healthy lawn, providing positive and health atmosphere to your family. Here are some of the many ways to take care of your lawn.


Setting Your Soil

It is a good adventure to plant a new lawn – planning and preparation are keys. No matter what method of planting you want to use, you have to prepare the area completely in order to banish weeds as well as make sure soil would not immediately crust over and compact into lumpy ruts. According to a master gardener, the most important one that many gardeners tend to forget testing the soil’s pH level. A lot of Do it yourself test kits can be availed from catalogs and nurseries, or you may take advantage of your state’s testing offered and designated by agricultural universities. For some, it might look like a hassle; however, testing your soil will actually save you from spending a lot of money into the ground.

You can start by stripping your area of all weeds. Make sure that you have included the roots even if it means you take off the top 6 inches. After that, rototill to a 6 inches depth in order to loosen its compaction as well as improve drainage. It is extremely important to add compost and loam in order to enrich the soil. As a matter of fact, a lot of expert suggests that you mix equal parts of sand, loam as well as your original topsoil. You are best off if you put a slight slope in the area to prevent pooling and to facilitate drainage. Lastly, use a roller in packing down the soil and grade your area using a metal rake. Be patient in grading, very thoroughly if possible. Remember that you cannot go back and re-grade once you have put your sod or seed down.

To Seed or Not

No question. However, rolling out a sod carpet is the easiest and quickest way to achieve a gorgeous lawn. However, sod can get a bit expensive, most especially if your lawn covers a large are. One alternative is personally seeding your area, either with hydroseeding or by hand. Hydroseeding has become quite popular recently. This method has been long used by farmers in order to sow large fields, it solves one of the major problems of hand seeding, which is the even seeds dispersal. The grass seed (a mix of varieties that is blended for your climate as well as the usage type your lawn will receive) is usually mixed into a pulp created from binding agents, fertilizer, as well as virgin wood fibers.

A Haircut and Shave

When it comes to giving tips for a beautiful lawn, the very first thing on many expert gardeners’ list is moving height. Most individuals mow their lawns too short and it stresses out the grass. One secret to do this is to do less and not more. Raise your mower to its highest possible setting so you are mowing only the top of the grass (about a third) when you cut. As a matter of fact, taller grass promotes much better root development, and shading the ground as well so it does not dry out too fast. Another benefit is that, taller grass can block the sun that the seeds of weed need in order to germinate. In addition to that, do not believe to the myth that leaving grass taller can mean making you mow more often – it is not true since grass itself renew so fast and cutting it short does not save you any time. Making your lawn beautiful requires time, hard work and dedication. If you do not have the luxury of time to beautify your lawn, it is time that you hire the service of a professional landscaping company to beautify your lawn. They have the proper tools, knowledge and experience to make your lawn gorgeous in most efficient and cost effective manner. If there is a lapse in your part when it comes to cleaning and maintaining your landscape, most landscaping company offer that service as well.

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